iPad is open for business

29 07 2011

I like to push the envelop.

Last year I did a business trip with nothing but a pad of paper and my iPhone just to see if I could still be effective in executing on my management responsibilities.

Result: Successful

I now have an iPad…and I love it (usually)

When it comes to the world of mobility and the concept of work/life integration I’m challenged to find another current device that embodies the essence of these concepts better than the iPad. (note: I have also been a long time Blackberry advocate, a PalmPilot professional and a Newton evangelist…all incredible mobile devices for their time but can’t compare to the impact of the iPad)

My #1 app for iPad right now is IBM Lotus Traveler. (note: I’m a little biased). My team in IBM has a variety of devices ranging from iPhones, iPads, android devices in addition to our “traditional” Blackberry devices. All of us have mail, contact, and calendar capabilities integrated into the mobile device experience itself.

These functions are fundamental for mobile devices to be effective in the business world and Traveler provides a solid and secure foundation for organizations looking toward a BYOD strategy.

You can try out Traveler on Greenhouse on your device here…

Final day of the tournament…a long wait

2 11 2010

Today is the final day of the tournament and Brittany has done very well.

We expect that her gold medal round for the Kids 8-12, -45kg will be at around 2pm local, and the women´s team gold medal fight at about 5pm.

All gold medal rounds are 2x 2-minute rounds with 1 minute rest. 

A  long long day.

Alligator tears and razor sharp teeth

31 10 2010

Warning:  Rated “STPP” for Strange and Twisted Parental Pride (or Stone Temple P-Pilots…take your pick)

I admit it:  I may have shed a tear today.

How can you not when you know the effort, dedication, and sweat someone has put into achieving their goals… Their Dream?  How can you not when you watch your own flesh and blood, your 13 year old daughter (who is 43 kg soaking wet) kick another kid with brute force and malice, and raise her fist in victory over her vanquished foe.

Magic….*sniff*….pure magic.

This is the first World Championship that I have attended in its entirety and it has been extremely exciting to see the athletes up close, in action at their highest level.

While there are many non-contact disciplines represented at the event (and some UNBELIEVABLE athleticism and artistry) within the first 1/2 hour of the event, I had seen 1 man separate his shoulder and another woman lose by a Techincal Knockout as a result of an very well placed head-kick.

The sport’s detractors would respond to this in their Church Lady voice with  “Oh m!   That is just awful!”  On the other hans, I say that this builds character!  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish that I could bring this kind of character-building exercise to the office.  Unfortunately, there are laws prohibiting this so, instead, I’ll just have to let my daughter build  character while everyone else just rots away to a deeply immoral state.

Today I watched my little girl dig down deep inside herself and deliver an outstanding performance in the ring.  She was poised, confident, and when she actually injured her opponent, compassionate and genuinely concerned for her well-being…

And then she kicked her again.


[editor's note:  Brittany fights on Tuesday November 2  for Gold Medal in the World Karate and Kickboxing Championship.  To date, her best finish in the Worlds has been Bronze...this girl REALLY wants the Gold!!! ]

Competition Schedule

29 10 2010

Registration for the competition closes on Friday at 6pm so we won’t know who Britt draws for her first fight until 7pm today.

What we DO know is that Britt’s division starts at roughly 12 pm (local time) on Saturday. Depending on her results tomorrow, she would be scheduled to fight again on Monday.

Up In The Air

27 10 2010

After 20.5 hours of travel, we are finally, at sunrise, passing over the northern coast of Spain.

ETA in Lisbon is 8:40 am and one more flight remaining to get us to Faro.

Trivia: Yes, I saw the movie “Up In The Air” … On a flight from Toronto to Vancouver.

Guest Blog: Chillin’ at Heathrow

27 10 2010

This is Dave’s daughter, Brittany. The one that is super excited for her long and adventurous, as well as thrilling trip.

Just finished dinner at the Heathrow airport with my dad. A little caesar salad and pasta and were all ready to chill out for 8 more hours in a corner of the airport. Oh we are such smart travelers. [editor's note: "travel agent" is definitely not my next career] It’s 10pm here and I’m really not quite sure whether it feels like it’s extremely early or REALLY late. You can decide.

Right now we are looking at each other in complete disbelief that this is actually happening seeing as we have been looking forward to this for months. For those months of anxiousness I would simply dream of what the experience would be like. I’m about to find out.

World Karate Championships

26 10 2010


Excited because I’m on the way to the airport with my daughter who will be competing (for the 3rd time) in the World Karate Championships in Albufeira, Portugal.

She’s so excited that she’s fallen asleep in the car. Teenagers.

The format for the tournament is “single elimination.” If you lose, you’re out.

Based on that, the next few posts will be dedicated to EITHER the experience of Portugal OR Britt’s results in the tournament. I’m really hoping for the latter.


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